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Tuesday, November 15, 2011



Wow I love that picture! Um, how many projects - well for starters I was supposed to paint our office 6 years ago - does that count? I'm hoping J. will hire someone eventually.

Valerie H.

5 years ago I bought paint to paint my family room and our master bedroom. The family room got painted but our bedroom never did. The paint is still sitting in my closet. Maybe after the holidays :-)


In the vein of pictures to be hung on the wall, YEARS ago I decided to put 8x10 pix of my two kids on the wall upstairs. Got kid #1 up. Kid #3 arrived. Finally bought frames for kids 2 & 3, then finally got the pictures in the frames. But they are still sitting in the hall upstairs, not on the wall yet. And now I have a new picture of kid #2 and kid #3 doesn't look like his picture anymore... It is a moving target.

Hey, if I wait long enough, I can switch to putting my grandkids' pictures on the wall!!!

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