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Tuesday, March 29, 2011



Way cute! I love it!

Alison B

Oh no! You've caught the addiction!! I spent way too much time finding ebayUK sellers who were willing to ship to the US in order to buy such items as above pictured mailbox and phone booth (our version of the post office is a bit older than yours) as well as a beefeater and queen, complete with sons, dog, and guard! Not to mention the chunnel train set you and I fell in love with on our first visit to "town." Oh, and yes, the double decker bus came back with J&V on their last trip just in time for T's Christmas, but he had the village playset (cottage, grocer, cafe, etc.) shipped! Yikes! It's addictive. Watch out!! (And p.s. that royal wedding set will come home in just a few days!)


How appropriate for Christine, the mail lover, to buy a post office. And such a cute one too!! I definitely want to come and play. (I don't HAVE to bring the kids, do I?)


I'm excited to see the kinds of letters that pass through this little post office!

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