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Thursday, July 01, 2010



Oooo, what cool matching shirts. What a clever idea with the crowds at Disneyland. "All the better to find you with, my dear." So simple to just count how many red-white-blue striped shirts you see. Wouldn't it be funny if some kid next to you in line had a similar shirt, and you counted FIVE? You might just have to take that extra kid home with you, because obviously it would have been meant to be.


And a question for the Hero of the Day. How squishy was it? Any thoughts of finding the keys and then demanding ransom to let the others in? Next time, demand LOTS of chocolate. Although you might loose your Hero of the Day title.


Speaking of gaining and loosing kids, whatever happened to Shifty-Eyed Pete? I miss him. Did he get left at Zion's? :)

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