One-Line Bio

What do I do? Well, in my day dreams I’m independently wealthy and travel the world for philanthropy, having marvelous adventures and picking out gorgeous souvenirs on the side. In real life, I work in a professional career and try to live up to all the inspiring ideas and people around me. Oh yeah, and someday… some day…


What do I find inspiring? firstly - faith, beloved family, and dear friends

Plus... classical music, chocolate, U2, photography, books, traveling, museums, sand & surf, mountain views, art, books, postage stamps ...

and, oh yeah!, calling my older sister Noralee from the Eiffel tower -- every time I visit. I think that is hilarious! (see photo at left from 2004... hmmm...)

A favorite quote:
"For if anyone makes a loving home with all his heart, he can never miss heaven."
- President David O. McKay, April 1935